Municipal Bin Request

Terms and Conditions:
a) It is hereby understood that the container is placed by BEW and remain the property of BEW.
b) It is hereby understood that when I / we vacate the property, the 240 litre container shall not be removed by me / us under no circumstance. All equipment supplied by Bronberg Enviro Waste shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Bronberg Enviro Waste and will not be removed by me under any circumstances.
c) The HOA / Agent responsible for managing my / our levy shall be notified of the whereabouts of the waste bin upon my departure from the premises

do not remove dustbin

d) No signage or markings shall be made by me or any other party on the container
e) Markings will be the responsibility of Bronberg Enviro Waste should the instruction be given through the HOA
f) No ash whatsoever is permitted in containers.
g) Regular household waste next to the full container shall require a second bin
h) Garden waste removal shall be additional to my / our household waste and an additional form shall be completed should I / we require this service.
i) I / we hereby agree to ensure that all equipment provided by Bronberg Enviro Waste shall be kept in good order and condition whilst on my premises and under my / our guardianship, save fair wear-and-tear.
j) I agree to be held responsibility for the costs of repairs and/or paintwork on a damaged container placed under my care, save fair wear-and-tear.