About Us

From humble beginings

1995 brought a small development of 380 1-ha plots /stands into the Bronberg region, situated between the eastern border of the Garsfontein extension Road and the WesternDelmas R55 road. Lynnwood road still boasted a ‘Drive-Inn’ theatre!…


  • no telephone lines,
  • in fact no infra structure, i.e. sewage systems,
  • only dirt roads,
  • no electricity and
  • definitely no waste removal service for the ±47 000sq ha surroundings know as the Bronberg
  • Homeowners on estates of 1-6 hectares were digging shallow openings and burning their waste in their back yard!



  • L. Deetlefs established this service during November 1997.
  • She endeavoured to convince estate owners to connect to a household waste removal service for a small fee per month fearing the health risk, which could face all concerned in due course.
  • The Owner’s dedication and entrepreneurial skill turned the small venture into one of the most competitive service providers in its field when entering the turn of the century in 2000.
  • By 2004, Bronberg Enviro Waste became the leading service provider for disposing of waste generated by the rural Bronberg community.
  • The business connected to the Institute of Waste Management in 2001 keeping us in touch with private and municipal endeavours to commit to sustainable waste management in Southern Africa.
  • At the end of 2005 an estimated 76% of the Bronberg home owners were already connected to Bronberg Enviro Waste and Sunshine Enviro Waste!
  • We realise our customers are as serious about protecting the environment as we are!
  • The overall objective of BRONBERG ENVIRO WASTE is
  • to fulfil the need of the rural landowner
  • to gain access to a household waste removal service with the provision of a 240 litre container on wheels and
  • dispose of the rubbish on a regular weekly basis
  • at a recognized dumping site
  • The service should be competitive with the local municipal tariff

In July 2005 the owner visited France and Italy to investigate firsthand the management of waste collection, recycling methods, incineration, the viability of cheaper containers and transfer stations for rural areas from these leading European countries.

Her case study was submitted to the Southern African Waste Convention that was held in September 2006 amongst hundreds of other institutions to better the whole outlook on waste management.

The enterprise, in the span of 14 years, single-handedly established an infrastructure in the whole Bronberg rural region. Then city development entered the arena and BRONBERG ENVIRO WASTE had to step up to their needs.

We coined the concept: ‘waste wise’ & ‘waste warrior’

This small business became a household name.

BRONBERG ENVIRO WASTE disposes currently approximately 83 330+ tons of waste monthly!

Furthermore, the business endeavours to educate and inform its clients of relevant topics in the industry by distributing yearly news reviews. We also sponsor talk exhibits at schools and delivers area newsletters to households. We are the first company distributing coloured waste containers for recycling purposes!

The heart of the service lies within the Bronberg area where the client voluntarily connects:

  • homeowners,
  • schools,
  • hotels,
  • shops,
  • crèche,
  • restaurants
  • Body Corporations
  • Company 21
  • Home Owners Associations etc.

To ensure trust, and a good correlation between itself and the client the Owner still negotiates and encourages fee structures that suit both parties, attend to call-outs and is narrowly involved with customers.

The fees match the Gauteng Metro (Pretoria Municipality) and Kungweni Municipality’s, and is in most instance less.

Official partnerships, brought into being and facilitating work opportunities for other entrepreneurs (under her guardianship) are:-

  • Sunshine Household Waste Removals – customer base of approximately 850 + (1997)
  • Green Enterprise 44 (Pty) Ltd – customer base of approximately 110 + (2012)
  • BI Waste (Pty) Ltd – customer base of approximately 5000 + (2010)
  • Just Green Services (Pty) Ltd– established 2014

We, Bronberg Enviro Waste, are sustaining this business on the sole mandate of you our customer.

  • We want to thank everyone who at some stage contributed to our interests, our goals and energetic effort to supply a service in which all health is upheld!

The Kungwini Municipality and recently Tshwane, is kept up to date with the progress in establishing a part of the necessary infrastructure needed for a community to grow in a healthy environment


  • Since the discovery of the Eastern Bronberg district in 1994/5 by city fathers for developments and fast growing population, the enterprise grew from strength to strength assisting the municipality with a vital humanistic service which it has been unable to provide. It is inevitable that our business will undertake to strike a partnership with its local authority.
  • Connecting to our service is voluntarily.
  • We work under their regulations and permits.
  • We adopted the code of ethics as published by IWMSA

Section 24 of the Constitutional Act of the Republic of South Africa ads that “everyone has the right –

a)         to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being; and

b)         to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations, through reasonable legislative and other measures that –

(i)    Prevent pollution and ecological degradation;

(ii)   Promote conservation and

c)         Secure ecologically conformable development and use of natural resources while promoting justifiable economic and social   development.”


  • Garden waste, irons, hazardous liquids, builders’ rubble, ashes, rubber and medical waste are all treated separately for its various re-use / non-use. 
  • Recycling of plastics and paper is slowly taking off with only a small percentage of homeowners prepared to differentiate the rubbish.
  • It is difficult to find and establish recycling and has to be initiated at source, but due to most residential areas not having a common area for sorting, recycling companies still find it complex to administrate.
  • We have started with the pick of recycling where homeowners are positive.
  • The coloured bins availabe are  reasonable priced and we collect the waste once a month on specific schedules.


Since March 2005 and every year March thereafter our pilot project ‘Sunbeam Bronberg‘, commenced (where all main roads into the various suburbs are cleaned by us) free of charge to the community!